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general info


Oct. 4 & 5 from 6pm-9pm

held at Farmington High School Lecture Hall


Oct. 14 - Dec. 9 from 6pm-9pm (weekdays)

and 10am-3pm (some Saturdays)

held at Boeckman Middle School (Farmington)


Friday, Dec. 10 at 7pm

Saturday, Dec. 11 at 2pm & 7pm

Sunday, Dec. 12 at 4pm

Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 7pm

Thursday, Dec. 16 at 7pm

Friday, Dec. 17 at 7pm

Saturday, Dec. 18 at 2pm & 7pm

Sunday, Dec. 19 at 5pm (TBD)

held at Boeckman Middle School (Farmington)

*Actors who will be out of town any dates between Dec. 6 and 19 should email prior to registering for an audition spot.


Actors age 5 - 18 may audition for a role in the production. Due to licensing restrictions, actors age 19+ cannot audition at this time. We will update this page if this information changes.

Cast Size

100-170 actors pending social distancing guidelines. Actors may choose their preference between a part-time and full-time role on their audition form. Full-time roles require a larger time commitment. Part-time roles only rehearse one day each week and perform in half the shows as opposed to performing in all of the shows. Part-time actors do NOT get to choose which shows they will perform in.

Financial Commitment

Actors cast in the production will be asked to pay a participation fee of $175 ($350 family cap). Actors will also be asked to supply shoes for the production and potentially other small costume items which actors will keep after the performance.

production staff

Iorana, CastleCo ohana! Natalie can't wait to share her own experience of living in Tahiti with you as she music directs Moana JR. She will help you imagine what a typical day of island life was like for her--she even danced with a professional Polynesian dance company there!

Natalie is a local Music Director, Voice Coach and Accompanist, celebrating five years working on CCT productions.

Lisa is super excited to spend 8 weeks dancing to fun upbeat music. This will be a fun opportunity to explore dance styles like nothing we've done with CCT before.

Lisa is most excited for LOTS of hips in this productions choreography.

Lisa is a choreographer (by night) and marketing magician (by day), celebrating seven years working on CCT productions. 

While Rachel loves all aspects of the theatre world, this fall she is most looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones, getting creative on stage, working hard, and Having Fun!

Rachel is a CCT acting (and music directing) alumni, who has turned her talents to Stage Direction in recent years, Rachel is celebrating ten years working on CCT productions.


Heidi can’t wait to set sail as the Scenic Specialist for Mona JR ! Heidi is looking forward to adding in the finishing touches that give each scene a little extra entertainment, as well as creating 

backstage magic

(including Mona’s boat which will appear as if it sails around the stage by itself).

Heidi is a CCT acting alum and Stage Manager, who knows nearly everything about CCT, Heidi is celebrating ten years working on CCT productions.

Music Director
Natalie McComas

Lisa Fett

Stage Director
Rachel Eubanks

Scenic Specialist
Heidi Schmidt

production roles

Moana (approx. age 14-16, female) - Compassionate, energetic and determined, Moana's care for her village and people lead her on a dangerous adventure across the sea.

Chief Tui (approx. age 16+, male) - Moana's father and chief of the village of Motunui. Chief Tui understands the dangers of sailing and wishes for the islanders to stay close to the village.

Sina (approx. age 16+, female) - Moana's mother. Sina understands Moana's longing to venture into the ocean, but believes her duty should be to her village and people first.

Gramma Tala (approx. age 16+, female) - Moana's grandmother and the village "crazy". Gramma Tala tells tales of Motunui's ancestors and the demigod Maui. Gramma Tala knows that the ocean is important to Moana and encourages her to follow her heart when the ocean calls her.

Pua (approx. age 8-12, usually female) - A young friend of Moana who believes in her, even though she is afraid to sail beyond the reef herself. (In the movie, this character is a pet pig. In the stage musical, the character is a human.)

Hei Hei (approx. age 8-12, usually male) - A young (not-so-smart) friend of Moana who never wants to be left behind. (In the movie, this character is a pet chicken. In the stage musical, the character is a human.)

Maui (approx. age 16+, male) - A demigod and trickster who stole the heart of Te Fiti. Maui is an overly confident, expert wayfinder (sailer) who eventually chooses to become Moana's mentor and friend. 

Tamatoa (approx. age 14+, male or female) - A giant, self-centered crab who lives in the realm of the monsters and loves anything shiny. 

Te Fiti (approx. age 16+, female) - A nurturing and caring goddess of life whose heart has been stolen by Maui.

Chief Ancestors (approx. age 14+, male or female) - The ancestors of those living on Motunui and the narrators of the story.

Ancestor Ensemble (approx. age 12+, male and female) - The ancestors living on Motunui. These actors will appear in (as many as) three songs. They guide Moana in her journey across the ocean.

Ocean Ensemble (approx. age 9+, male and female) - The embodiment of the ocean and lead ensemble throughout the show. These actors will appear in (as many as) seven songs. They are strong dancers and singers who propel the story forwarded.

Villager Ensemble (approx. age 5+, male and female) - The villagers currently living on Motunui. These actors will appear in two songs. Actors in THIS ensemble MAY have the option to participate in the production as part-time actors. (Part-time actors have a less demanding rehearsal and performance schedule, rehearsing only one night each week and performing in half of the scheduled performances.)

Maui Ensemble (approx. age 5+, male and female) - Spirited storytellers who help tell the story of Maui's life. These actors will appear in one song. Actors in THIS ensemble WILL have the option to participate in the production as part-time actors. (Part-time actors have a less demanding rehearsal and performance schedule, rehearsing only one night each week and performing in half of the scheduled performances.)

Shiny Ensemble (approx. age 5+, male and female) - Various sea creatures living in the land of the monsters who help to tell the story of Tamatoa. Actors in THIS ensemble WILL have the option to participate in the production as part-time actors. (Part-time actors have a less demanding rehearsal and performance schedule, rehearsing only one night each week and performing in half of the scheduled performances.)

Monster Ensemble (approx. age 10+, male or female) - A small group of monsters that Maui and Moana must fight in order to reach Tamatoa and retrieve Maui's hook. (These roles will likely be double cast using actors who also have other roles in the production.)

production FAQs

Who can audition for the show?

Anyone age 5 through 18 is able to audition for CCT's production of Disney's Moana JR. (Most CCT productions are open to actors age 5 through adult, so if you are age 19+, pelase check back about auditions for future shows). The production will include between 100-170 actors pending social distancing guidelines released in early October. (Some actors may not perform in every performance.) While some production roles may require different ages and vocal ranges, CCT does not discriminate in casting based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability to pay participation fee, accessibility needs, etc.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes. Auditioning is free, however, there is a participation fee to be involved in the production. Fees are $175 per actor (age 17 and under) with a family cap of $350. Adult actors do not pay a fee but are encouraged to help with the production in other ways. ALL actors must also provide their own shoes and socks (based on the costume guidelines for their character) to wear for the production. Financial assistance is available for those who need it and can be registered for after the production has been cast.

What is the time commitment / when are rehearsals?

The time commitment depends on the role that each actor is cast in. Some actors may rehearse one-six hours each week while others may rehearse 20 hours per week. At auditions, actors will be able to select if they'd like a role that requires less rehearsal time. These roles are called part-time roles. Part-time roles rehearse an average of 1-2 hours each week and perform in 5 performances instead of 10. Rehearsals are held Monday-Friday evenings from 6pm - 9:00pm and Saturday mornings/afternoons. Actors will be asked to fill out a conflict form at auditions. CCT does its best to work around actors' conflicts when possible. Playing a sport once or twice each week may be something that can be scheduled around. CCT can occasionally schedule around vacation conflicts, however, priority will be given to those who can attend the majority of rehearsals. It is extremely important that you fill out your conflict form honestly!

How do I prepare for auditions?

Actors MUST register in order to audition for this production. The registration link can be found at the top of this page. Registration is free and secures your audition spot. On the day of your audition, please bring a list of conflicts that can be used to fill out the conflict calendar. You may also wish to bring a pen/pencil and a notebook (or other hard surface) for filling out your audition form. (If possible, we will send an email a week prior to auditions which will allow you to fill out forms in advance and print them yourself to bring with you.) Your audition will consist of two parts, an acting audition and a singing audition. During the acting audition, actors will be asked to portray different animals, characters or emotions while counting from one to ten. Example: Please count from 1 to 10. At one, pretend you sad, at 10, pretend you are happy. For the singing audition, actors will be asked to sing a short section of a song (around 20-30 seconds is enough). Actors may choose any song they like, but it should be something that you feel confident singing! Your song does NOT have to be from the show you are auditioning for. Additional details regarding auditions and Covid-19 procedures will be emailed in late May or early June.

What are the Covid-19 guidelines for participating in the production?

CCT is still working to gather the Covid-19 policy for its Fall/Winter production of Disney's Moana JR and will update the policy as things change. At this time, we expect the policy to require mask wearing for all actors, staff and family members using the buidlings with limited socail distancing requirements. CCT may ask staff and actors to share their vaccine status IF the information is needed to inform attendance decisions in case of a known Covid-19 case.

What is a JR production?

The Fall / Winter 2021 show will be a JR production. A JR production is a shortened version of a full-length Disney stage musical. While most Disney stage musicals last 2.5 or 3 hours in length, JR productions are designed to last 60-90 minutes. Disney's Moana JR will have a run time of approx. 90 minutes with a 15 min. intermission.

Is a JR production lower quality than a full-length production?

No. Production quality is not dependent on the length of the show, but the effort and funds available for costumes, sets, rehearsals. etc. In fact, CCT has performed three 90 minute shows in the past, including; Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Yo, Vikings! Even though these shows were shorter in length, they still included talented actors, large casts, colorful costumes and huge set pieces.

Can adult actors perform in JR productions?

Sometimes. Usually JR productions are restricted to actors age 18 and under, however, script licensing agencies occassionally grant special permission for actors age 19+ to audition. At this time, Disney's Moana JR is restricted to actros age 5-18. If CCT is given permission to include older actors, we will update the information accordingly and send an email to those on our email list.