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that lasts a lifetime

auditions for this show have passed

performs Oct. 27 - Nov. 5

important: tickets will be available to purchase at the end of September, please check back during that time

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about the show...


Far, far away, in a place where magic is real and dragons roam the skies, lies a land called Camelot. A land of kinship and justice, kept safe by the powerful sword of King Arthur and the brave Knights of the Round Table. But it wasn't always that way...

This adventurous tale takes audience members (and Princess Arthena, the heroine of the story) back in time, when Camelot was ruled by an evil Queen, and a young leader (named Arthur) was on the search for anyone able to fight against injustice.


King Arthur and Princess Arthena is filled with magic, humor and the clashing of swords and is most enjoyed by audiences age 5 and up. The show runs approx. 2.5 hours in length, with a 15 minute intermission.


Performances will be held at the Lakeville Area Arts Center. (20965 Holyoke Ave. Lakeville, 55044)

cast list


Please find the Cast List below. If you auditioned for the production it is VERY important that you read through the Cast List Email prior to searching for your name on the list. (Please note that the actors assigned to roles as Bog Monsters have also been assigned other roles in the show and may require quick changes.) If your name is NOT listed below it is because we were unable to work around your conflicts, PLEASE audition again in the future!

Lead and Supporting Roles










King Arthur

Sir Galahad

Sir Lancelot

Dame Percival

Sir Tristan

Dame Kay

Sir Lamorak


Queen Guinevere





Lady of the Lake

Morgan Le-Fey




Bog Monster

Bog Monster

Sadie Hawks

Zachary Garcia

Joey Cain

Will Wagner

Kendra Gruman

Casey Lomibao

Vaughn Lee

Nadeya Martin

Wyatt Siebenaler

Justin Siebenaler

Ryan Vaughn

Matthew Rice

Amy Mullenbach

Zachary Blaeser

Celina Kampf

Alex Carlson

Joel Small

Anna Burnham

Troy Tepley

Kristina Kramer

Tenley Wild

Kevin Sefton

Emily Blaeser

Katie Nordquist

Carter Heath

Florence Rossen

Cameron Connolly

Kevin Sefton

Ryan Vaughn

Laundro-Monster Ensemble

Members of the Laundro-Monster ensemble are Full-Time actors. All actors playing Laundro-Monsters will perform in 1 scene and primarily rehearse on Monday evenings. Specific roles will be assigned next week.

Scarlett Funderburk

Sophia Hoyt

Cora Kampf

Cecelia Kramer

Asa Moen

Lily Nelson

Betty Roberts

James Rossean

Sedona Scovell

Victoria Wilmot

Liam Zampogna

Gnome Ensemble

Members of the Gnome ensemble are Part-Time actors (unless an asterisk appears after the name, then the actor is Full-Time). All actors playing Gnomes will perform in a minimum of 2 scenes but Part-Time actors will only need to attend rehearsal one day each week. Specific roles will be assigned next week.

Ellie Clifford*

Claire Dahlen*

Oliver Frenzel*

Benjamin McCoy*

Rosie Small*

William Small*

Laynie Swanson*

Lola Tepley*

Etta Abbe

Lucy Alpaugh

Brooke Anderson

Eloise Azize

Claire Bjorkstrand

Murphy Blauert

Olivia Breid

Riley Bried

Elliana Cahak

Regan Casady

Marshall Feemster

Brynlee Fountain

Sarah Freese

Julia Freese

Hanna Gabbard

Aubrey Glanzer

Grace Hagler

Liam Hanson

Brielle Harris

Sydney Herod

Paisley Jensen

Ethan Kendall

Katie Luu

Penny Lyon

Winnie Nygren

Ivy Pacheco

Victoria Picciano

Xavier Ray

Gavin Rossean

Ingrid Rydeen

Harper Sletten

Lulu Stalsberg

Isla Stalsberg

Violet Strawn

Andrew Walden
Malcolm Wershow

Maddie Yost

Castle Bat Ensemble

Members of the Bat ensemble are Part-Time actors. All actors playing Bats will appear in Scene 2B and will have most of their rehearsals on Tuesday evenings.

Alice Alpaugh

Noella Burnham

Aubrey Crnecki

Lucie Fish

Ali Fish

Liam Funderburk

Via Hawks
Teddy Hawks

Scarlett Johnson

Ava Kinsey

Blakely Laird

Brekken Laird

Parker Leonard

Tayla Odegard

Adeline Patch

June Peterson

Brecken Powers

Ina Rice

Zoe Rose

Ezra Stalsberg

Coralyn Wagner

Mackenzie White

Evie Winkworth

Eliana Wohlers

Elaina Yaeger

Guards of Morgan Le-Fey

Members of the Guard ensemble are Full-Time actors. All actors playing Guards will perform in a minimum of 2 scenes and primarily rehearse on Thursday evenings. Specific roles and scenes will be assigned next week.

Dominic Allard

Calise Edeen

Isabella Funderburk

Caitlyn Garso

Eloise Godwin

Helen Holst

Avery Johnson

Marlow Morgan

Naomi Rice

Ella Roe

Natalie Steffen

Allie Worrell

Villager Ensemble

Members of the Villager ensemble are Full-Time actors. All actors playing Villagers will perform in 2 scenes and primarily rehearse on Thursday evenings. Specific roles will be assigned next week.

Megan Christianson

Jen Connolly

Becca Hawks

Arthur Higgins

Viola Higgins

Lila Hill

Chase Iramina

Reese Iramina

Tristan Iramina

Lucy Konnad

Ashton Larson

Micah LaVallie

Eleanor Olmsted

Kenzy Rofael

Caleb Schultz

Stella Snyder

McKenna Vaughn

Briana Vaughn

Quinn Ward

Deirdre Wershow

Dragon Ensemble

Members of the Dragon ensemble are Full-Time actors. All actors playing Dragons will perform in 1 scene and primarily rehearse on Monday evenings. Specific roles will be assigned next week.

Alice Burnham

Amelia Cook

Amelia Tapper

Hayley Thelen

Q Vicaire

Lydia York

audition FAQs

  • Who can audition for the show?
    Usually, CCT auditions are open to anyone age 5 through Adult. During CCT's 2023-2024 season, some changes do apply, due to licensing restrictions for certain shows (see below). Fall Show - King Arthur and Princess Arthena (ages 5 - Adult may audition) Spring Show - TBA (ages 5 - Adult may audition) Summer Show - Disney's Frozen JR (ages 5 - 18 may audition) While some production roles may require different ages, heights, and vocal ranges, CCT does not discriminate in casting based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability to pay participation fee, accessibility needs, etc.
  • Is there a fee to participate?
    There are a lot of costs that go into making a great theater production, script licensing, space rental, costumes, sets, technical elements, printing, marketing, and instructor stipends (to name a few). Because of this, CCT charges a participation fee for all actors age 17 and under. (Adult actors are encouraged to volunteer in other ways by assisting with marketing, set move-in, prop construction, etc.) Fees vary by show because the cost to produce the show, and the number of tickets each show is expected to sell, also varies. Fees for most shows are $175 per actor (age 17 and under). Families with multiple actors in the production will pay $175 per actor (for the first two actors in their family) and will pay $75 per actor (for each additional actor). ALL actors must also provide their own shoes and possibly socks to wear for the production. The style of shoe and sock will be based on the character that each actor plays. Financial assistance is available for those who need it (for both participation fees and shoes/socks) and can be registered for after the production has been cast. (CCT does NOT turn actors away due to inability to pay the fee.)
  • What is the time commitment / when are rehearsals?
    The information below pertains to all CCT productions. The time commitment to participate in a show depends on the role that each actor is cast in. Some actors may rehearse between one and six hours each week while others may rehearse 20 hours per week. At auditions, actors will be able to select if they'd like a role that requires less rehearsal and performance time. These roles are called part-time roles. Part-time roles rehearse an average of 1 or 2 hours each week and perform in half the performances. Rehearsals are held Monday-Friday evenings from 6pm - 9:00pm and occasionally Saturday mornings/afternoons. Actors will be asked to fill out a conflict form at auditions. CCT does its best to work around actors' conflicts when possible and will prioritize having younger actors rehearse earlier in the evenings. Playing a sport once or twice each week may be something that can be scheduled around. CCT can occasionally schedule around vacation conflicts, however, priority will be given to those who can attend the majority of rehearsals. It is extremely important that you fill out your conflict form honestly!
  • How do I prepare for auditions?
    Actors MUST register in order to audition for all CCT productions. The registration link can be found towards the middle of this page. Registration is free and secures your audition spot. On the day of your audition, please bring a list of conflicts that can be used to fill out the conflict calendar (if not filled out in advance). You may also wish to bring a pen/pencil and a notebook (or other hard surface) for filling out your audition form. (If possible, we will send an email a week prior to auditions which will allow you to fill out forms in advance and print them yourself to bring with you.) Your audition for a non-musical will consist of an acting audition ONLY. Your audition for a musical will consist of two parts, an acting audition and a singing audition. During the acting audition, actors will be asked to portray different animals, characters or emotions while counting from one to ten. Example: Please count from 1 to 10. At one, pretend you are sad, at 10, pretend you are happy. For the singing audition (used for Musicals ONLY), actors will be asked to sing a short section of a song (around 20-30 seconds is enough). Actors may choose any song they like, but it should be something that you feel confident singing! Your song does NOT have to be from the show you are auditioning for.
  • What are the Covid-19 guidelines for participating in the production?
    There are no Covid-19 guidelines for CCT productions at this time. CCT usually follows school and state guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. Stricter guidelines may be in place for rehearsals during high transmission times. CCT does not require actors to wear masks for performances unless actors have had a recent Covid-19 infection and are still contagious.
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