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Performances will be held in-person July 30th - August 8th
Online viewing options will also be available

cast list

Lead and Supporting Roles

Actors cast in lead and supporting roles are considered full-time actors. Silly Girls, Bookseller, and Monsieur D'arque are Villagers and will appear in all of the Villager songs. 

Belle ................................... Meta Lobben
Maurice ............................. Tom Johnston

Beast ............................. Ryan Hanneken
Lumiere ............................. Zachary Holm

Cogsworth ............ David Beck-O'Sullivan
Mrs. Potts .................... Natalie McComas
Chip .................................. Elijah Finnigan
Madame...Bouche .............. Mikaela Moe
Babette ........................ Hannah Pantano

Gaston ............................ Gavin Nienaber
Lefou ..................................... Charlie Hilo
Silly Girl .................................. Mia Nelson
Silly Girl ............................ Avery Flanders
Silly Girl ................................ Paige Huling
Bookseller ........................... Ryan Vaughn
Monsieur D'arque ............... Joey Orlando

Narrators ........................................... TBD
Enchantress ...................................... TBD
Wolves .............................................. TBD

Villager Ensemble (Full-Time)

VILLAGERS will perform in one or all of the following songs; Belle, Gaston, The Mob Song. Song assignments will be given out at script pick-up. There are many lines and solos in the Villager songs/scenes which will be assigned throughout the rehearsal process. Pending social distancing requirements, some actors cast as VILLAGERS may be asked to join the ENCHANTED OBJECTS ensemble.

Jeffrey Adelmann

Micah Anderson

Rachael Bernstein

Zach Blaeser

Andrew Borden

Sarah Borden Herzog

Isabella Borden

Tammi Fletcher

Maya Galaviz

Zachary Garcia

Lou Gunderson

Dylan Harjes

Sophie Hilo

Elizabeth Hoey

Adelaide Hoey

Sohia Holloway

Jen Kroshus

Micah LaVallie

Amy LaVallie-Rose

Isabela Lopez

Elena Lopez

Rachael McLain

Sherry Miller

Jori Nelson

Maggie Nelson

Tara Nelson

David Nienaber

Michelle Pflughoeft

Chau-Mi Phan

Gennia Provencher

Maya Ricard

Tommy Rivard

Kevin Sefton

Anniston Siedlecki

Heidi Siedlecki

Reese Siedlecki

Matt Sonnenberg

Hans Sonnenberg

Maya Steffen

Katy Tepley

Lola Tepley

Miles Tepley

Troy Tepley

Hayley Thelen

Marcus White

Ryan White

Sheryl White

Chase White

Joshua White

Hailey Wright

Enchanted Objects (Full-Time)

All actors cast as ENCHANTED OBJECTS will sing in the song Be Our Guest. Some actors may also sing in the song Human Again and/or participate in the final battle. Song and scene assignments will be given out during script pick-up. 

Zoey Bittner

Emily Blaeser

Holly Bozich

Josie Carlson

Emily Collings

Sydney DiMarco

Kayla Einertson

Lilly Ellenburg

Haley Elliott

Evelyn Fox-Thompson

Rosemary Godwin

Eloise Godwin

Finley Graden

Liahna Hesse

Keira Hirano

Kaiya Hirano

Mia Johnson

Kaitlyn Kelly

Charlotte Kroshus

Tarike Meyerhoft

Natalie Myers

Calvin Nelson

Penny Phillips

Emma Pittman

Grace Porter

Abigail Preattle

Sloane Preszler

Jayda Richards

Hayley Robinson

Ella Roe

Zephryn Sonnenber

Spencer Swaney

Harper Swift

Brianna Vaughn

Mckenna Vaughn

Soleil Walters

Eujen Walters

Elizabeth Walters

Antje Walters

Avery Wright

Enchanted Objects (Part-Time)

All actors cast as PART-TIME ENCHANTED OBJECTS will sing in the song Be Our Guest. Some actors may also participate in the final battle. If we'd like you to participate in the final battle we will let you know during rehearsals. 

Valentina Alonso

Sydney Anderson

Cameron Baldeshwiler

Violet Berg

Emilia Bisek

Payton Blom

Elliana Cahak

Sarah Conner

Archer Craig

Rydell Craig

Cooper Danielson

Miriam Eichstaedt

Lydia Eyberg

Kalin Fox

Gabriella Goebel

Rudy Graden

Emmett Guggisberg

Lilly Hanstad

Viola Higgins

Gianna Kuhn

Madelyn Lees

Christine Lees

Andy Lees

Jack Martin

Decklan Meehan

Tucker Meehan

Missy Miller

Elliott Miller

Emily Morrow

Catherine Myers

Elaine Nielsen

Vivian Oguamanam

Reagan Ortega

Jonah Orton

Elijah Orton

Ethan Perelstein

Ana Pettit-Batie

Alex Plante

Jake Ritz

Kenzy Rofael

Berit Schulz

Anders Schulz

Nora Sherwin

Stella Snyder

Olivia Spies

Nolan Tiwari

Norah Welch

Collin Wellcome

Madelyn Wellcome

Katelyn Wellcome

Emre Zuchowski

Sidney Zuchowski

thanks to everyone who auditioned!

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production FAQs

Who can audition for the show?

Anyone age 5 through adult is able to audition for the production. The production will include between 100-160 actors pending social distancing guidelines released in late May. (Some actors may not perform in every performance.) While some production roles may require different ages and vocal ranges, CCT does not discriminate in casting based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability to pay participation fee, accessibility needs, etc.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes. Auditioning is free, however, there is a participation fee to be involved in the production. Fees are $175 per actor (age 17 and under) with a family cap of $350. Adult actors do not pay a fee but are encouraged to help with the production in other ways. ALL actors must also provide their own solid black shoes and socks to wear for the production. Financial assistance is available for those who need it and can be registered for after the production has been cast.

What is the time commitment / when are rehearsals?

The time commitment depends on the role that each actor is cast in. Some actors may rehearse one-six hours each week while others may rehearse 20 hours per week. At auditions, actors will be able to select if they'd like a role that requires less rehearsal time. These roles are called part-time roles. Part-time roles rehearse an average of 1-2 hours each week and perform in 5 performances instead of 10. Rehearsals are held Monday-Friday evenings from 6pm - 9:30pm and Saturday mornings/afternoons. Actors will be asked to fill out a conflict form at auditions. CCT does its best to work around actors' conflicts when possible. Playing a sport once or twice each week may be something that can be scheduled around. CCT can occasionally schedule around vacation conflicts, however, priority will be given to those who can attend the majority of rehearsals. It is extremely important that you fill out your conflict form honestly!

How do I prepare for auditions?

Actors MUST register in order to audition for this production. The registration link can be found at the top of this page once it becomes available in mid May. Registration is free and secures your audition spot. On the day of your audition, please bring a list of conflicts that can be used to fill out the conflict calendar. You may also wish to bring a pen/pencil and a notebook (or other hard surface) for filling out your audition form. Your audition will consist of two parts, an acting audition and a singing audition. During the acting audition, actors will be asked to portray different animals, characters or emotions while counting from one to ten. Example: Please count from 1 to 10. At one, pretend you sad, at 10, pretend you are happy. For the singing audition, actors will be asked to sing a short section of a song (around 20-30 seconds is enough). Actors may choose any song they like, but it should be something that you feel confident singing! Your song does NOT have to be from Beauty and the Beast. Additional details regarding auditions and Covid-19 procedures will be emailed in late May or early June.

What are the Covid-19 guidelines for participating in the production?

Our state is in a unique part of the pandemic where many people are recieving vacinations and guidelines may be loosening over the next through months, however Covid-19 and its variants have not left our community yet. Throughout the production, CastleCo Theatre (CCT) will follow the guidelines set in place by the Lakeville school district and state of Minnesota. A list of current guidelines are listed below (additional guidelines may also exist). CCT staff will stay on top of guidelines and adjust them when possible. Please note that different activies and locations require different guidelines to be followed. This means that youth sports or proffessional theatres may have different guidelines then CCT during the summer months. We TRULY appreciate your adherenece to the guidelines and your willingness to be flexible in order to make this production a possibility! Covid-19 Guidelines for Beauty and the Beast JR as of May 4, 2021

  • Masks (or face coverings) must be worn inside Lakeville schools at all times
  • A distance of 6 feet should be kept between individuals
  • A distance of 12 feet must be kept between actors and audience members
  • Indoor rehearsal pods must consist of 30 (or less) people
  • General sanitization of rehearsal spaces (conducted by CCT and Lakeville school staff)
  • Do not attend rehearsal or events if you are sick
  • At this time CCT does NOT plan to hold an intermission during performances as eating during the intermission time could not be accomodated at this time

What is a JR production?

This summer's show will be a JR production. A JR production is a shortened version of a full-length Disney stage musical. While most Disney stage musicals last 2.5 or 3 hours in length, JR productions are designed to last 60-90 minutes. Disney's Beauty and the Bast JR will have a run time of approx. 75-90 minutes without an intermission.

Is a JR production lower quality than a full-length production?

No. Production quality is not dependent on the length of the show, but the effort and funds available for costumes, sets, rehearsals. etc. In fact, CCT has performed two 90 minute shows in the past, including; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Yo, Vikings! Even though these shows were shorter in length, they still included adult actors, large casts, colorful costumes and huge set pieces.

Can adult actors perform in JR productions?

Sometimes. Usually JR productions are restricted to actors age 18 and under, however, script licensing agencies have loosened this restriction for many titles during the pandemic INCLUDING Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR! The script licensing organizations felt the JR shows were safer performance options as they require less time sitting indoors and allow for streaming options.

Why did CCT choose to present the JR version of Beauty and the Beast?

Great question! If you're an avid CCT follower, you probably know that CCT originally intended to perform the full length version of the Disney's Beauty and the Beast, however, after much consideration, the decision to perform the JR version of the show simply made the most sense. Read below for a list of some of the reasons that CCT chose to produce the JR version this summer.

  • The shorter run time meant slightly less rehearsals would be required and allows CCT to hold auditions in June instead of mid May. This is important because it means there are less people in the schools and therfore less chance of Covid spread. We are also crossing our fingers that restrictiosn will loosen with more vaccinations, so waiting longer to start rehearsals made the most sense.
  • The shorter run time means audience members do not have to sit in a theater as long, which could make the show safer to attend for those who have not had a chance to be vaccinated.
  • The JR version allows CCT to offer digital (pre-recorded) performances. This is not an option with the full length version.
  • The JR version DOES allow adults to participate. While CCT may choose to offer shows with age restrictions in the future, we wanted to offer an option for all ages this summer!
  • Generally speaking, there was more risk involved with the full length production than there is with the JR version. The JR version does exclude some songs that you'll find in the full length version, but all of the fan favorites are still a part of the show! The cast will be the same size with either production, the same amount of effort will be put into the show and, (we beleive) everyone will have just as much fun as always!