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Oct. 27 - Nov. 5

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Far, far away, in a place where magic is real and dragons roam the skies, lies a land called Camelot. A land of kinship and justice, kept safe by the powerful sword of King Arthur and the brave Knights of the Round Table. But it wasn't always that way...

This adventurous, non-musical tale takes audience members (and Princess Arthena, the heroine of the story) back in time, when Camelot was ruled by an evil Witch, and a young leader (named Arthur) was on the search for anyone able to fight against injustice.


King Arthur and Princess Arthena is filled with magic, humor and the clashing of swords and is most enjoyed by audiences age 5 and up. The show runs approx. 2.5 hours in length, with a 15 minute intermission.


Performances will be held at the Lakeville Area Arts Center. (20965 Holyoke Ave. Lakeville, 55044)

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