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that lasts a lifetime

the cast list for CCT's production of Disney's Frozen JR
has been posted - PLEASE read below before viewing the list

Please find the Cast List below. If you auditioned for the production it is VERY important that you read through the Cast List Email entirely prior to searching for your name on the list. If you are cast as a Full-Time actor, be sure to look through each ensemble group. Most actors will only participate in one ensemble group, but some actors may be assigned to multiple groups. If you were cast in Vocal Ensemble, you should also find your name in at least one other group (which could include the Lead/Supporting group).


If your name is NOT listed below, PLEASE audition again in the future! While we wish we could have cast every actor who auditioned, it just wasn't possible for this production. Like we mentioned in the email; Casting a production is like assembling a puzzle. The pieces have to match the picture of the puzzle and they also have to fit together with one another. If your puzzle piece didn't fit into our Frozen JR puzzle, that doesn't mean it won't fit into the puzzle for a future CCT production. Each production has different needs and comes together differently, and we'd love to work with you in future shows!

cast list

Lead and Supporting Roles

Actors cast in lead & supporting roles who have an * following their name are also assigned to the Vocal Ensemble or additional Ensemble groups below. Featured dancers who will perform in "Love Is An Open Door" are also listed in this section.

Young Anna

Young Elsa

Middle Anna

Middle Elsa












Oaken & Bishop

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer

Miriam Eichstaedt

Florence Rosen

Tenley Wild*

Hannah Zweber*

Jori Nelson

Vivi Garner

Alex Carson*

Alice Burnham

Jackson Steele

Farrah Field

Summer Field

Zachary Garcia

Collin Elliot

Liahna Hesse

Stella Slutsky

Jake Ritz*

Josie Carlson*

Kendra Gruman*

Arianna Hamze

Connor Mathews*

Morgan Sorsveen*

Jasmine Stewart

Lucy Stovall*

Will Wagner*

Part-Time Sunflowers

Part-Time Sunflowers will sing and dance on-stage in the song; In Summer. Actors cast in Part-Time roles will perform in half of the shows. Performance dates for each cast color can be found on the "shows" page of this website.

Silver Cast Actors

Greta Camp

Liliana Dannenfels

Margaret Duckwall

Nellie Graden

Zoey Hall

Lillian Johnson

Veda Kampf

Marlo Nelson

Remi Ortega

Adeline Patch

Jamie Rogneby

Blue Cast Actors

Grace Anderson

Charlie Derek

Danielle Nicklay

Greer Riley

Jorja Riley

Myah Ripley

Luna Schliewe

Lyla Sherels

Cecilia Sherels

Madeline Wagor

Lauryn Wellcome

Vocal Ensemble

Members of the Vocal Ensemble (VE), will sing in up to 13 songs off-stage in addition to performing on-stage. (On-stage songs will vary based on the actors role, availability, and if the actor is also cast as a lead.) All members of the VE are full-time actors.

Lexi Anderson

Hannah Anjere

Iris Brown

Alex Carlson

Hayley Elliott

Elise Hagler

Liahna Hesse

Linus Hubel

Felicity Hubel

Tristan Korver

Sophia Maddio

Nadeya Martin

Connor Mathews

Emily Morrow

Allie Otto

Aaron Painter


Lillian Parish

Ami Quick

Jake Ritz

Nitya Sannuli

Caleb Schultz

Will Siebenaler

Stella Snyder

Morgan Sorsveen

Lucy Stovall

Olivia Tesh

Lila Tesh

Briana Vaughn

Will Wagner

Hannah Walker

Lydia York


Castle Staff

Castle Staff will sing in the following songs ons stage (pending scene needs and rehearsal availability); Do You Want to Build a Snowman, For The First Time In Forever, Dangerous To Dream, and (potentially) up to four additional songs.

Lexi Anderson

Hannah Anjere

Hayley Elliott

Felicity Hubel

Sophia Maddio

Nadeya Martin

Connor Mathews

Aaron Painter

Lillian Parish

Will Siebenaler

Lila Tesh

Will Wagner


Summer Ensemble

Actors cast in the Summer Ensemble will sing and dance, on-stage in the song In Summer. Actors with an * after their name will be featured dancers in the song.

Violet Berg

Amaya Blouin

Belle Branham

Josie Carlson*

Claire Dahlen

Hayley Elliott*

Madison Enke

Leah Fong

Caitlyn Gorton

Rudy Graden*

Kendra Gruman*

Carter Heath

Mason Langerud

Penelope Lyon

Isolde Mason

Riley Navis

Emma Pittman

Christina Rice

Finley Schmidt

Rosalind Small

Violet Strawn

Ellayna Swanson

Tenley Wild

Hannah Zweber

Hygge Ensemble

Actors cast in Hygge Ensemble will sing on-stage in the song; Hygge. This is an up-tempo song sung by Oaken (of Wandering Oaken's Trading Lodge) and his family. The song will also include up-beat choreography.

Giada Alexander

Lillian Anjere

Abigail Brendel

Oliver Frenzel

Isabella Funderburk

Mia Goodson

Sophia Hoyt

Addison Huffman

Mia Knipp

Alethia Lee

Arden Mary

Marin Spolarich

Georgia Svestka

Allie Worrell

Villager Ensemble

Villagers will sing on-stage in some (or all) of the following songs (exact songs will be based on scene needs and availability); Let The Sun Shine On, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, For the First Time In Forever, Dangerous To Dream, Love Is An Open Door, Colder By the Minute, Finale Part I, Finale Part II. An * after a name indicates an actor who will have a speaking role. (Additional speaking roles may be assigned at a later date.)

Brooke Anderson

Charlotte Anjere

Landen Beyer

Iris Brown

Noella Burnham

Aubrey Crnecki

Eloise Eichstaedt

Elise Hagler

Arthur Higgins

Viola Higgins

Logan Hoyt

Linus Hubel

Reese Iramina

Tristan Iramina

Chase Iramina

Avery Johnson

Cora Kampf

Isaac Korver

Tristan Korver

Vaughn Lee

Benjamin McCoy

Tucker Meehan

Emily Morrow

Allie Otto

Ami Quick

Naomi Rice

Rafael Ruiz

Nitya Sannuli*

Charlotte Schrader

Caleb Schultz

Benjamin Sletten

Stella Snyder

Morgan Sorsveen

Lucy Stovall

Leo Strawn

Olivia Tesh

Sam Tollefson

McKenna Vaughn

Briana Vaughn

Hannah Walker

Quinn Ward

Lydia York*

Part-Time Trolls

Part-Time Trolls will sing and dance in the song; Fixer-Upper. Actors cast in Part-Time roles will perform in half of the shows. Performance dates for each cast color can be found on the "shows" page of this website.

Silver Cast Actors

Colton Anselment

Olivia Bates

Violet Benedict

Claire Bjorkstrand

Mia Burns

Victoria Chavez

Eleanore Chavez

Harlow Cowen

Brecken Dessner

Halle Ecker

Maverick Fett

Maggie Fladager

Anna Frokjer

Liam Funderburk

Callista Gludt

Grace Hagler

Liam Hanson

Autumn Haskin

Natalie Henry

Faye Johnson

Eben Koller

Claire Kuehn

Keira McNeely

Katherine Mischnick

Brielle Moore

Quinn Nick

Reagan Ortega

Ivy Pacheco

Oliver Paseka

Brielle Phelps

Zoë Rose

Harper Sletten

Jadon Stewart

Kasira Sutton

Amelia Thornberg

Katelyn Wellcome

Elaina Yaeger

Blue Cast Actors

Megan Christianson

Grayson Craig

Brynnli Craig

Angelina Elder

Ellie Elledge

Michaela Enke

Emma Foss

Brynlee Fountain

Mila Hardy

Simon Hubel

Ava Kinsey

Violet Kraus

Summer Langer

Harper Larson

Lael Lee

Zoey Mathews

Jonathan McCabe

Gabrielle McCabe

Grayson Meehan

Lizzy Nicklay

Jonah Olson

Audrey Olson

Brecken Powers

Adair Powers

Fiona Riley

Malaya Rosa

Javier Ruiz

Aubrey Saewert

Vivian Shepherd

Wyatt Siebenaler

Maya Spielmans

Drew Tollefson

Blair Vidas

Ella Wierzbicki

Harper Wilson

Charlotte Witt

Haven H Zink

next steps for actors

We can't wait to begin working on the show with you! The next step for each actor who has been cast will be to read through the Cast List email (if you haven't yet). attend the Script Pick-Up, which will be held on Wed. May 25 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. During this time, actors will receive their rehearsal materials, some actors will be measured for their costume, and new actors/parents will be asked to attend a short information session where they can learn about what to expect during the rehearsal process and ask any questions they may have. An email will be sent on Monday with additional details.


If you cannot attend the Script Pick-Up you MUST email to let us know - or we will assume you no longer wish to participate in the production. 


In the meantime, please keep your schedules open as your participation in the show depends on you being able to attend all of your assigned rehearsals. If you have questions please email and we will do our best to get back to you. 


Please note that email responses may be delayed as we are preparing for our Set the Stage fundraising event this Sunday, May 22! This event helps raise funds to support The Wizard of Oz production this summer. For information about the event, please click the link below. The event is open to all community members (regardless if they are participating in the show or now).

actor FAQs

When is the Participation Fee due? 

The participation fee will be due at the begining of February and extensions may be granted for those who need them. 


How do I apply for Participation Fee assistance?

Fee Assistance is offered through CCT. Information on Fee Assistance will be provided with your rehearsal materials. 


How do I purchase tickets to see the show?

Tickets will be available to purchase online sometime within the next one-three weeks. We will send an email to let you know when tickets are available to purchase.


My name is listed under Vocal Ensemble. What does that mean?

Members of the Vocal Ensemble will be singing in several songs throughout the production. A lot of the singing will be done off-stage and some will be done on-stage. Each actor in the VE should be assigned to at least one other group on the cast list (which may include a lead/supporting role). This group indicates the song you will perform in on-stage. Some actors may be assigned to multiple groups right now, and others may be added to additional groups at a later date, pending their rehearsal availability. We know it's a little vague, but we promise it will be a fun role, and a BIG part of making the production sound amazing! The VE creates the musical back-bone for the entire show!


What if I don't like my role?

We understand that actors may not like the role they have been cast in, unfortunately no one is permitted to change their role in the production (unless a scheduling error was made by the casting team). While we do encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and give their role a try, if you are certain you do NOT want to accept your role, that is ok. Simply email (by the end of the weekend) with you/your actor's name and let us know they no longer wish to be in the production. 


What if I want to be considered for MORE roles/parts in the play? 

Sometimes CCT may add actors to additional ensemble groups. This happens if an actor chooses to drop and we need additional actors in the group OR if we simply decide we want a larger ensemble than we originally expected we'd need. You do NOT need to inform CCT staff if you want to be considered for more roles. CCT staff selects actors for additional roles based on the commitment they show to past and current roles/productions. CCT staff assumes that all actors would be interested in doing additional roles.

production staff


Natalie is a local Music Director, Pit Conductor, Voice Coach and Accompanist, celebrating five years working on CCT productions.


Lisa is a choreographer (by night) and marketing magician (by day), celebrating seven years working on CCT productions. 


Rachel is a CCT acting (and music directing) alumni, who has turned her talents to Stage Direction in recent years. Rachel is celebrating ten years working on CCT productions.


Heidi is a CCT acting alum and Stage Manager, who knows nearly everything about CCT. Heidi is celebrating ten years working on CCT productions.

Music Director
Natalie McComas

Lisa Fett

Stage Director
Rachel Eubanks

Scenic Specialist
Heidi Schmidt

production FAQs

  • Who can audition for the show?
    Usually, CCT auditions are open to anyone age 5 through Adult. During CCT's 2023-2024 season, some changes do apply, due to licensing restrictions for certain shows (see below). Fall Show - King Arthur and Princess Arthena (ages 5 - Adult may audition) Spring Show - Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins (ages 5 - Adult may audition) Summer Show - Disney's Frozen JR (ages 5 - 18 may audition) While some production roles may require different ages, heights, and vocal ranges, CCT does not discriminate in casting based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability to pay participation fee, accessibility needs, etc.
  • Is there a fee to participate?
    There are a lot of costs that go into making a great theater production, script licensing, space rental, costumes, sets, technical elements, printing, marketing, and instructor stipends (to name a few). Because of this, CCT charges a participation fee for all actors age 17 and under. (Adult actors are encouraged to volunteer in other ways by assisting with marketing, set move-in, prop construction, etc.) Fees vary by show because the cost to produce the show, and the number of tickets each show is expected to sell, also varies. Fees for most shows are $175 per actor (age 17 and under). Families with multiple actors in the production will pay $175 per actor (for the first two actors in their family) and will pay $75 per actor (for each additional actor). ALL actors must also provide their own shoes and possibly socks to wear for the production. The style of shoe and sock will be based on the character that each actor plays. Financial assistance is available for those who need it (for both participation fees and shoes/socks) and can be registered for after the production has been cast. (CCT does NOT turn actors away due to inability to pay the fee.)
  • What is the time commitment / when are rehearsals?
    The information below pertains to all CCT productions. The time commitment to participate in a show depends on the role that each actor is cast in. Some actors may rehearse between one and six hours each week while others may rehearse 20 hours per week. At auditions, actors will be able to select if they'd like a role that requires less rehearsal and performance time. These roles are called part-time roles. Part-time roles rehearse an average of 1 or 2 hours each week and perform in half the performances. Rehearsals are held Monday-Friday evenings from 6pm - 9:00pm and occasionally Saturday mornings/afternoons. Actors will be asked to fill out a conflict form at auditions. CCT does its best to work around actors' conflicts when possible and will prioritize having younger actors rehearse earlier in the evenings. Playing a sport once or twice each week may be something that can be scheduled around. CCT can occasionally schedule around vacation conflicts, however, priority will be given to those who can attend the majority of rehearsals. It is extremely important that you fill out your conflict form honestly!
  • How do I prepare for auditions?
    Actors MUST register in order to audition for all CCT productions. The registration link can be found towards the middle of this page. Registration is free and secures your audition spot. On the day of your audition, please bring a list of conflicts that can be used to fill out the conflict calendar (if not filled out in advance). You may also wish to bring a pen/pencil and a notebook (or other hard surface) for filling out your audition form. (If possible, we will send an email a week prior to auditions which will allow you to fill out forms in advance and print them yourself to bring with you.) Your audition for a non-musical will consist of an acting audition ONLY. Your audition for a musical will consist of two parts, an acting audition and a singing audition. During the acting audition, actors will be asked to portray different animals, characters or emotions while counting from one to ten. Example: Please count from 1 to 10. At one, pretend you are sad, at 10, pretend you are happy. For the singing audition (used for Musicals ONLY), actors will be asked to sing a short section of a song (around 20-30 seconds is enough). Actors may choose any song they like, but it should be something that you feel confident singing! Your song does NOT have to be from the show you are auditioning for.
  • What are the Covid-19 guidelines for participating in the production?
    There are no Covid-19 guidelines for CCT productions at this time. CCT usually follows school and state guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. Stricter guidelines may be in place for rehearsals during high transmission times. CCT does not require actors to wear masks for performances unless actors have had a recent Covid-19 infection and are still contagious.
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