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the cast list for CCT's production of The Wizard of Oz
has been posted - PLEASE read below before viewing list

Thank you for auditioning for CastleCo Theatre’s production of The Wizard of Oz.

Please find the Cast List below. Be sure to look through each ensemble group as some actors may have been cast in multiple groups. If your name is listed below, please scroll past the cast list to read the info sections titled Next Steps for Actors and to view the Actor FAQs which contain important information about the first rehearsal and will help answer questions you may have.


If your name is NOT listed below, PLEASE audition again in the future! While we wish we could have cast every actor who auditioned, it just wasn't possible for this production. Like we mentioned at auditions; 


Casting a production is like assembling a puzzle. The pieces have to match the picture of the puzzle and they also have to fit together with one another. If your puzzle piece didn't fit into our Wizard of Oz puzzle, that doesn't mean it won't fit into the puzzle for a future CCT production. Each production has different needs and comes together differently, and we'd love to work with you in future shows!

cast list

Lead and Supporting Roles





Aunt Em

Uncle Henry




Miss Gulch

Proffesor Marvel


Munchkin Mayor

Munchkin Coronor

Wicked Witch

Winkie General



Ozian Guard

Mia Nelson

Quincy Aaron

Eli Zimmerman

Paige Huling

Sherry Miller

Ryan Vaughn

Liam Beck-O'Sullivan

Ewan Easton

Maizie Moe

Erica Siebenaler

Joey Orlando

Madelyn Kobbermann

David Beck-O'Sullivan

Troy Tepley

Holly Bozich

Kevin Sefton

Maya Steffen


Tommy Rivard

Michael Higgins

Full-Time Munchkins

Lily Anjere

Charlotte Anjere

Evan Champion

Archer Craigg

Miriam Eichstaedt

Elijah Finnigan

Tammi Fletcher

Dasha Galeyev

Zachary Garcia

Chase Iramina

Reese Iramina

Tristan Iramina

Benjamin McCoy

Calvin Nelson

Ethan Perelstein

Malaya Rosa

Wyatt Siebenaler

Katy Tepley

Lola Tepley

Troy Tepley (Coronor)

Briana Vaughn

McKenna Vaughn

Will Wagner

Christopher White

Marcus White

Joshua White

Ryann White

Full-Time Poppies

Kori Christopher

Farrah Field

Karina Francis

Eloise Godwin

Lilly Hanstad

Felicity Hubel

Nadeya Martin

Emma Pittman

Ella Roe

Laynie Swanson

Tamasyn Walters

Antje Walters

Vocal Ensemble

Hannah Anjere

Nikki Anjere

Kelly Beck-O'Sullivan

David Beck-O'Sullivan

Liam Beck-O'Sullivan

Zach Blaeser

Evie Blake

Jonah Cervenka

Emily Collings

Ewan Easton

Hayley Elliott

Olivia Erickson

Summer Field

Triton Fox-Thompson

Rosemary Godwin

Mia Goodson

Liahna Hesse

Charlie Hilo

Sophie Hilo

Emma Kelsey

Meredith Leo

Rachael McLain

Maizie Moe

Nat Myers

Jori Nelson

Tara Nelson

Emma Nelson

Avery Peterson

Drew Rossen

Kalyssa Schroeder

Erica Siebenaler

Hans Sonnenberg

Matt Sonnenberg

Marin Spolarich

Hayley Thelen

Chase White

Lydia York

Part-Time Munchkins

Valentina Alonso

Brooke Anderson

Mila Baidoo

Mila Barraz

Aneesa Blackmer

Lola Burk

Eloise Cassens

Ava Champion

Rydell Craig

Aubrey Crnecki

Murphy Dimarco

Sydney Dimarco

Addison Engel

Danielle Engel

Emibeth Fellows

Edilyn Fellows

Eddie Fellows

Kalin Fox

Liam Funderburk

Scarlett Funderburk

Hanna Gabbard

Kayden Getchell

Gabriella Goebel

Broderick Goebel

Alison Grabow

Emmett Guggisberg

Grace Hagler

Sophia Hoyt

Simon Hubel

Emmalyn Johnson

Cora Kampf

Celina Kampf

Ellie Koska

Violet Kraus

Ella Lundeen

Gabs McCabe

Elaina McGraw

Kaitlyn McGraw

Catherine Myers

Luella Nygren

Winnie Nygren

Adia Grace O'Day

Reagan Ortega

Remi Ortega

Adeline Patch

Ana Pettit-Batie

Fiona Riley

Ingrid Rydeen

Maci Schraufinagel

Hailey Schraufinagel

Anders Schulz

Reese Stanton

Spencer Swaney

Isla Swaney

Charlotte Witt

Neena Zuchowski

Full-Time Ozians

Cameron Baldeshwiler

Emily Blaeser

Alex Carlson

Kori Christopher

Archer Craig

Lily Ellenburg

Tammi Fletcher

Zachary Garcia

Michael Higgins (Gaurd)

Elise Hagler

Emma Jacobson-Dunlop

Micah LaVallie

Madelyn Lees

Andy Lees

Isabela Lopez

Jack Martin

Jake Ritz

Ella Roe

Will Siebenaler

Nicole Solfest

Zephryn Sonnenberg

Laynie Swanson

Soleil Walters

Emre Zuchowski

Sidney Zuchowski


View the FAQ section (below) to learn more about the Winkie characters

Jeffrey Adelmann

Myeisha Askew

Emily Blaeser

Alex Carlson

Chloe Conine

Collin Elliott

Kevin Sefton (General)

Louis Gustafson

Stephanie Kerber

Judah Lee

Isabela Lopez

Adalyn Johnson (Part-Time)

Jake Ritz

Kenzy Rofael

Brookly Slick

Soleil Walters

Luke Young

Bailey Zobel

Emre Zuchowski

Sidney Zuchowski

Part-Time Poppies

Madeline Berglund

Elliana Cahak

Paisley Jensen

Jayla Miller

Asa Moen

Ella Kaye Morgan

Elizabeth Scholl

Addyson Scrimiedeker

Amelia Tapper

Lillian Taverna

Aubrey Wessels

Aubrey Zydowsky

Part-Time Ozians

Zaia Christopher

Brian Ecker

Halle Ecker

Ryla Ecker

Rinoa Ecker

Cory Ecker

Viola Higgins

Arthur Higgins

Luke Patterson

Valerie Sherels

CeCe Sherels

Quinton Sherels

Lyla Sherels

Flying Monkeys

View the FAQ section (below) to learn more about the Flying Monkey characters

Ender Cooley

Finley Graden

Rudy Graden

Lou Gunderson

Ellorie Jacobs

Maya Steffen (Nikko)

Naomi Rice

Amy LaVallie Rose

Berit Schulz

Josie Tehennepe

Desiree Thunderhawk

Sheryl White

next steps for actors

We can't wait to begin working on the show! The next step for each actor who has been cast will be to attend the Script Pick-Up, which will be held on Wed. May 25 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. During this time, actors will receive their rehearsal materials, some actors will be measured for their costume, and new actors/parents will be asked to attend a short information session where they can learn about what to expect during the rehearsal process and ask any questions they may have. An email will be sent on Monday with additional details.


If you cannot attend the Script Pick-Up you MUST email to let us know - or we will assume you no longer wish to participate in the production. 


In the meantime, please keep your schedules open as your participation in the show depends on you being able to attend all of your assigned rehearsals. If you have questions please email and we will do our best to get back to you. 


Please note that email responses may be delayed as we are preparing for our Set the Stage fundraising event this Sunday, May 22! This event helps raise funds to support The Wizard of Oz production this summer. For information about the event, please click the link below. The event is open to all community members (regardless if they are participating in the show or now).

actor FAQs

When is the Participation Fee due? 

The participation fee will be due at the end of June and extensions may be granted for those who need them. 


How do I apply for Participation Fee assistance?

Fee Assistance is offered through Lakeville Community Education as well as CCT. Information on Fee Assistance will be provided with your rehearsal materials. 


How do I purchase tickets to see the show?

Tickets will be available to purchase online sometime in the beginning of June. We will send an email to let you know when tickets are available to purchase.


My name is listed under Vocal Ensemble. What does that mean?

The Wizard of Oz is a unique production because there are several songs in the show that are sung by off-stage performers. There are also many songs in the show that are extremely difficult - with lots of vocal parts. Members of the Vocal Ensemble will be singing in several songs throughout the production. Specific songs will be assigned by Natalie (the Music Director) and may be given to you at Script Pick-Up or the first rehearsal. Some of the singing will be done off-stage and some will be done on-stage. We know it's a little vague, but we promise it will be a fun role, and a BIG part of making the production sound amazing!


Why isn't anyone cast as a Jitterbug? 

The Jitterbug Dance will require several experienced dancers. Sometime during the first few weeks of rehearsal, CCT will hold dance auditions for those who are interested in being featured dancers in the Jitterbug song (or other dance numbers in the show). Guidelines on who can audition will be shared after rehearsals begin. 


Will the Flying Monkeys actually fly?

Unfortunately, no. The Lakeville school district does not allow flying people in its performance spaces. We DO have some fun ideas in mind for the actors playing flying monkeys, and we hope to work the actors into additional scenes / scene changes that they aren't normally a part of. Some actors playing flying monkeys will also get the opportunity to participate in stage combat. 


What is a Winkie?

The Winkies are the guards for the Wicked Witch of the West. They provide a cool-factor to the Wicked Witch scenes and also some comedy to the production. Some actors playing Winkies will participate in short sections of stage combat.


What if I don't like my role?

We understand that actors may not like the role they have been cast in, unfortunatley no one is permitted to change their role in the production (unless a scheduling error was made by the casting team). While we do encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and give their role a try, if you are certain you do NOT want to accept your role, that is ok. Simply email with your actor's name and let us know they no longer wish to be in the production. 


What if I want to be considered for MORE roles in the play? 

Sometimes CCT may add actors to additional ensemble groups. This happens if an actor chooses to drop and we need additional actors in the group OR if we simply decide we want a larger ensemble than we originally expected we'd need. You do NOT need to inform CCT staff if you want to be considered for more roles. CCT staff selects actors for additional roles based on the commitment they show to past and current roles/productions.

production staff


Natalie is a local Music Director, Pit Conductor, Voice Coach and Accompanist, celebrating five years working on CCT productions.


Lisa is a choreographer (by night) and marketing magician (by day), celebrating seven years working on CCT productions. 


Rachel is a CCT acting (and music directing) alumni, who has turned her talents to Stage Direction in recent years. Rachel is celebrating ten years working on CCT productions.


Heidi is a CCT acting alum and Stage Manager, who knows nearly everything about CCT. Heidi is celebrating ten years working on CCT productions.

Music Director
Natalie McComas

Lisa Fett

Stage Director
Rachel Eubanks

Scenic Specialist
Heidi Schmidt

production FAQs