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CastleCo registrations

note: we recommend registering from a desktop device

On this page you'll find registrations for CastleCo Theatre classes and auditions. When registrations for classes and auditions are occurring at the same time, you'll see tabs at the top of the section below, titled classes and auditions. Use these tabs to toggle between classes and auditions. If you do not see tabs, it means there are currently only classes or auditions available, but not both.

All actors who wish to participate in classes or auditions MUST register in advance by clicking the corresponding register button below.


Participation fees for classes are paid at the time of registration and vary based on the content of each class. Participants do not need to pay a fee to audition for a full-length production, however, a participation fee will be charged if an actor is cast in the show. Information on fees can be found on the auditions page.

IMPORTANT: Before registering to audition for a full-length production, please read all information on the audition page. If you have not read this information yet, click here.

view and register for auditions

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