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This image shows a computer screen with theatre seats sitting in front of it. The computer says the words; "Not Quite Live at CCT" on it.

Anytime (Virtual Event) - Not Quite Live at CCT

Not Quite Live at CCT is a collection of variety acts that were performed, filmed, and submitted by CCT actors and friends between May and July 2020. The variety show gave community members a chance to share their artistic talents during the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders. Acts include; singing, dancing, dramatic reads and others.

little daisy logo.jpg

Anytime (Virtual Event) - CCT's Adventures of Little Daisy

In fall 2020, three casts of actors got together once a week, over the course of four weeks, to rehearse a small melodrama production. Face coverings were worn during rehearsals and performances. The Adventures of Little Daisy is a comedic, over-the-top production about Little Daisy, her caregiver, a set of evil Villains, a Hero and many more!

This image is from CastleCo Theatre's production of "King Arthur and Princess Arthena". This image shows a woman in a blue dress from the middle ages. The dress has long sleeves and the woman is wearing a gold crown.

Anytime (Virtual Event) - CCT's King Arthur

Arthena (daughter of King Arthur) is tired of her father spending weeks away from home on dangerous quests. She's certain the only way to keep her father at her side is to prevent him from ever becoming King in the first place. With a well-mixed potion, Arthena transports herself back in time where she meets her father as a young boy.

This image is from CastleCo Theatre's production of "Beauty and the Beast". This image shows an actor dressed up in a beast costume (with horns and brown fur), talking to a girl dressed up in a fancy gold dress.

Anytime (Virtual Event) - CCT's Beauty and the Beast